Taproot: a Free WordPress theme

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Taproot multipurpose WordPress theme

Lean, clean and ready to go

Fully Responsive Design

The Taproot theme is built to look good and be customizable no matter what screen it's being viewed on. Taproot adds two additional device sizes, for a total of five. Key theme settings are customizable on all five screens to help avoid those awkward in-between screen styles that can occur when only working with three device sizes.

Super Customizable

Customize tons of global site styles and settings in the customizer and see the results immediately without a lot of back and forth and page refreshing. In addition to core theme styles like header, navigation, fonts and typography, Taproot provides control over sidebar styles, blog page and single post styles, buttons, comments and more.

Pagebuilder Ready

Taproot includes additional templates out of the box that make it easy to create a page layout using your favorite pagebuilder. The "Builder" template displays the default header and footer, but lets you add everything in between. The "Blank" template allows you to create a custom header and footer for a single page or post.

Fast and Lean

Weighing in at just over 2MB, Taproot is made to be fast and lean while still being feature rich. Styles and scripts are minimized and combined, reducing the number of requests. A base install of Taproot outperforms competing themes in Google pagespeed rankings.

Perfect for Developers

Taproot is built with developers in mind. Hooks and filters on almost everything allows content to be customized from plugins as well as a child theme or custom templates. CSS is written as specific as possible, so you can override styles without fighting body classes, IDs, and !important declarations.

Extend with Pro Plugin

The Taproot Pro premium plugin supercharges the theme's capabilities and adds a ton of powerful features. Override theme settings on a page by page basis, quickly change the color scheme of the site using the palette management system, import and export customizer settings, and much much more.

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